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Forex50 Investments & Management Services

Hi I am Mark. I am CEO of Forex50. I know you are tired of online scams Hyips & Revenue Shares which promise to give you huge returns and vanish in few days and left you with empty pockets. That is the reason you are here on Forex50. Forex50 is managed and owned by successful forex trader who have been trading actively for last 7 years. I have been a very successful journey in forex and I am here to offer you financial freedom for your life.

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Our Plans

We are offering only 1 Plan for our members.We are sharing upto 12% weekly with our members for lifetime.Yes you are read right 12% For Lifetime.

Let me tell you frankly what does this life time means. It means we trade your funds we will share profit until we keep making money from forex market.

There are no promises that everytime we will win. There may be some weeks or even month in future where we may breakeven or lose money. Do not think it is a get rick quick Scheme. If in an week we make less than 12% we share the same amount because it is a real business. We make money we share we do not pay from people money. It is not a Ponzi Scheme.